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with Chris Grisby 

Episode 3:

The Science of Lake Okeechobee

By connecting with leading independent scientists Dr. Paul Gray and Dr. Gary Goforth – this episode explains the concerns associated with the ecology and pollution of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. As the “liquid heart” of Florida, Lake O has a direct influence on water quality throughout all of South Florida – home to 8.1 million people and the core of Florida’s massive tourism industry. This episode illustrates the complex man-made pollution problems being faced and attempts to explain them in a way that all Floridians and visitors can understand.

About For Truth Media


Florida’s water quality crisis can no longer be ignored. Toxic algal blooms and phosphate mining garnered many headlines, but it’s difficult for mainstream media to tell the full story. 

For Truth Media was started to fill the voids, dish out the hard realities, and make a positive impact. 

Chris Grisby

Chris Grisby

Meet Our Host

Chris Grisby is a broadcast journalist from Dallas, Texas. Chris attended The University of Tampa and made Florida his home thereafter. While reporting on harmful algal blooms in Southwest Florida, Chris developed an interest in the complex water management issues affecting the state. Now as an independent journalist, Chris is building a niche investigating environmental justice stories in search of the truth. While away from the screen, Chris enjoys spending free time at the gym and hanging out with friends. 

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