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Chris Grisby - For Truth Media

Chris Grisby – For Truth Media

If one thing has emerged from Florida’s 2018 water crisis, it is that the public is frustrated with the way conventional media serves them.

While studying journalism in college, my professors taught me how to be objective, hold the powerful accountable and to dig for the truth. Sometimes though, journalists like myself can dig “too deep” and ruffle the wrong feathers.

My journey at WINK News came to an abrupt halt during this pursuit of truth. I was eagerly reporting on the impact our environmental crisis had on the health and livelihood of people in our community, before I was told and then forced, to stop.

Instead of allowing me to fold up shop and move on, a community of people came together to support my continued reporting–independently–and the For Truth Media Group began. Our team believes enough is enough: it’s clear reporting needs to change. Climate change and resulting environmental challenges aren’t going away anytime soon, so, we’re launching a visual media platform dedicated to journalism that covers the environment and its impact on our everyday lives.

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Journalists like myself deserve to be able to work and dig into stories without constraint. Our mission is to provide a platform where journalists can work diligently and engage in storytelling without fear. I believe journalists should work on behalf of the common good of people, not special interests.

For Truth’s platform is dedicated to launching stories that people can watch on demand at their leisure. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the science community and the common citizen. We want to investigate these environmental issues that ultimately affect all of us including, our economy.