Today, the Lee County Local Planning Agency met to discuss an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan (Lee Plan). The proposed amendments would include the following:

  • Remove the requirements for mining studies
  • Delete the future limerock mining overlay known as Map 14
  • Removal or correction of “ambiguous language” in the plan.

lee-limerockLee County Staff’s presentation was met with large public opposition with approximately 20 community members standing for comment. Those who commented expressed concern for mining activity near local water supplies, proximity to wildlife preserves and elementary schools, increased traffic dangers, and many residents left the meeting concerned about watching these operations from their homes and how that would affect their property values.

Former consultant for Lee County, Greg Stuart of Stuart and Associates, addressed three main questions that needed to be asked of County Staff’s presentation. “Who benefits from this amendment, my interests or the public? Why now and not through a State mandated evaluation and appraisal report process? Who is more credible, staff or the brief that I have in regards to the whole process of why we are here today?”

The Local Planning Agency left their sentiment with the staff that echoed public opinion; do not remove Map 14. Lee County Staff is to redraft the proposed amendment to be discussed again at a later meeting.