Our Mission

For years, Florida’s corporate and political leaders have worked to ban references to “climate change” and it is damaging our environmental health. Florida’s water quality crisis can no longer be ignored. Toxic algal blooms, wildlife mortality, and phosphate mining have garnered headlines. But the standard, ad-driven media cycle often leaves us with more questions than answers. Many citizens feel they either have not gotten the full story or that they are unsure about which sources are truly reliable.

For Truth Media Group was started to fill the void left by mainstream media. We aim to dish out the hard realities to make a positive impact on our communities, our earth and our local economy.

For Truth Media’s Objectives:

  • Producing well-researched and reliable investigative reports not found on today’s broadcast media,
  • Building a news organization driven not by top-down, corporate sponsors but by bottom-up community interests so that stories truly reflect community needs,
  • Providing greater transparency about our resources to earn public trust,
  • Spotlighting and supporting local organizations and people working to make a difference in our communities,
  • Prioritizing science and making studies easier for the public to understand in order to help answer our audience’s questions,
  • Bringing people together to create positive environmental and social change,
  • Creating technologies that will allow other community journalists to do the same.

B The Change: What Makes For Truth Media a Unique Company

To achieve these goals, For Truth Media Group has become one of the first media companies in the nation to incorporate as a B-Corporation. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We believe meeting these standards will help us not only “talk the talk” but truly “walk the walk”.

About our Founders

The founders of For Truth Media Group are Southwest Florida residents who met during the 2018 water crisis.  We gathered at community events, networked on-line and talked at length about the public’s need to access more accurate information about water quality.  It was particularly important to us to help journalist Chris Grisby to continue to share honest and solution-oriented reports with the public after he parted ways with WINK News.

We are a diverse team united by a common interest–a love for Florida’s environment and a need to ensure that our children can enjoy healthy beaches, parks and waterways the way we have.

Please join us. Contribute, follow our work, laugh, cry and–in the end–make a difference.

FTM team